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6916 Results ( Page No 1 )
Hurricane Name + + Season + Basin
FREDA Claim 2013 South Pacific
MITCHELL Claim 2013 South Indian
NARELLE Claim 2013 South Indian
OSWALD Claim 2013 South Pacific
PETA Claim 2013 South Indian
RUSTY Claim 2013 South Indian
TIM Claim 2013 South Pacific
VICTORIA Claim 2013 South Indian
ZANE Claim 2013 South Pacific
ALBERTO Claim 2012 North Atlantic
ALETTA Claim 2012 East Pacific
BERYL Claim 2012 North Atlantic
BOLAVEN Claim 2012 West Pacific
BOPHA Claim 2012 West Pacific
BUD Claim 2012 East Pacific
CARLOTTA Claim 2012 East Pacific
CHRIS Claim 2012 North Atlantic
CYRIL Claim 2012 South Pacific
DAMREY Claim 2012 West Pacific
DANDO Claim 2012 South Indian
DANIEL Claim 2012 East Pacific
DAPHNE Claim 2012 South Pacific
DEBBY Claim 2012 North Atlantic
DOKSURI Claim 2012 West Pacific
EMILIA Claim 2012 East Pacific
ERNESTO Claim 2012 North Atlantic
ETHEL Claim 2012 South Indian
EWINIAR Claim 2012 West Pacific
FABIO Claim 2012 East Pacific
FIFTEEN Claim 2012 South Indian
FINA Claim 2012 South Pacific
FLORENCE Claim 2012 North Atlantic
FOUR Claim 2012 North Indian
FUNSO Claim 2012 South Indian
GAEMI Claim 2012 West Pacific
GILMA Claim 2012 East Pacific
GIOVANNA Claim 2012 South Indian
GORDON Claim 2012 North Atlantic
GRANT Claim 2012 South Indian
GUCHOL Claim 2012 West Pacific
HAIKUI Claim 2012 West Pacific
HECTOR Claim 2012 East Pacific
HEIDI Claim 2012 South Indian
HELENE Claim 2012 North Atlantic
HILWA Claim 2012 South Indian
IGGY Claim 2012 South Indian
ILEANA Claim 2012 East Pacific
IRINA Claim 2012 South Indian
ISAAC Claim 2012 North Atlantic
JASMINE Claim 2012 South Pacific

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