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Canadian Tornado Centre

The Canadian Tornado Centre (CTC) provides Canadians with detailled information on tornadoes, that have struck the canadian territory.

With your photos, videos and informations, 520 tornadoes have been added in the canadian tornado registry.
The Canadian Tornado Centre, needs your help to obtain precious informations about touchdowns in Canada. Are you a storm chaser, tornado chaser, meteorologist, climate expert or have you seen a tornado touchdown ? Please register on, send us information about a touchdown and publish information on our new tornadoes forum online since november 13th, 2012.
With your help, more tornadoes will be added in the Canadian Tornadoes Database.

Thank you very much!

- Our Canadian Tornadoes Databse is online since november 13th, 2012.
- With every search, the tornadoes path and target will be shown with fatalities, injured and damage.
- Expert to Amateur tornado chasers, dont forget to register: we need your help!
- The Canadian Tornadoes Database is only for personal use - but NOT for commercial and automated use. ( you must contact us for commercial use ).

All tornadoes by Canadians Provinces

Alberta    British Colombia    Manitoba    New Brunswick    Nova Scotia    Newfoundland and Labrador    North West Territories    Ontario    Quebec    Saskatchewan

Thank you again!
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