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Per Page
US Tornadoes Statistics since 1950
Number of Tornadoes 56,768
Number of Tornadoes Unknown Force 1,864
Number of Tornadoes F0 24,788
Number of Tornadoes F1 18462
Number of Tornadoes F2 8,834
Number of Tornadoes F3 2,502
Number of Tornadoes F4 677
Number of Tornadoes F5 87
Cumulative Damage 124,188,056,000 $
Cumulative Crop Damage 102,736,000 $
Cumulative Injured 90,761
Cumulative Fatalities 5617
Cumulative Path 196,178.79 Mile
Longest Path 234.70 Mile in Louisiana march 22, 1953
217.80 Mile in Georgia april 18, 1969
202.50 Mile in Mississippi march 3, 1966
Highest Injuries event 1740 in Texas april 10, 1979
1500 in Alabama april, 27 2011
1228 in Massachusetts june 9, 1953
Highest Fatalities event 158 in Missouri may 22, 2011
116 in Michigan june 8, 1953
114 in Texas may 11, 1953

Map of US tornadoes average per year
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Oklahoma Tornadoes Outbreak
May 1954

 Tornado Outbreak in Oklahoma May 1954. Click to enlarge and search the database!

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