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1576 Results ( Page No 1 )
Volcano Name + Type Elevation Location
Ojos del Salado Nevados Claim Stratovolcano 6887 M Chile
Llullaillaco Claim Stratovolcano 6739 M Chile
Tipas Claim Complex volcano 6660 M Argentina
Incahuasi Nevado de Claim Stratovolcanoes 6621 M Chile
Cóndor Cerro el Claim Stratovolcano 6532 M Argentina
Coropuna Claim Stratovolcano 6377 M Perú
Parinacota Claim Stratovolcano 6348 M Chile
Chimborazo Claim Stratovolcano 6310 M Ecuador
Pular Claim Stratovolcanoes 6233 M Chile
Solo El Claim Stratovolcano 6190 M Chile
San Pedro Claim Stratovolcanoes 6145 M Chile
Nevada Sierra Claim Complex volcano 6127 M Chile
Aracar Claim Stratovolcano 6082 M Argentina
Guallatiri Claim Stratovolcano 6071 M Chile
Chachani Nevado Claim Stratovolcano 6057 M Perú
Copiapó Claim Stratovolcano 6052 M Chile
Socompa Claim Stratovolcano 6051 M Chile
Acamarachi Claim Stratovolcano 6046 M Chile
Tupungatito Claim Stratovolcano 6000 M Chile
Tacora Claim Stratovolcano 5980 M Chile
Sairecabur Claim Stratovolcanoes 5971 M Chile
Sabancaya Claim Stratovolcanoes 5967 M Perú
Licancabur Claim Stratovolcano 5916 M Chile
Cotopaxi Claim Stratovolcano 5911 M Ecuador
Miñiques Claim Stratovolcanoes 5910 M Chile
Kilimanjaro Claim Stratovolcano 5895 M Africa
Falso Azufre Claim Complex volcano 5890 M Chile
Putana Claim Stratovolcano 5890 M Chile
Ollagüe Claim Stratovolcano 5868 M Chile
Taapaca Claim Complex volcano 5860 M Chile
San José Claim Stratovolcano 5856 M Chile
Cordón de Puntas Negras Claim Stratovolcanoes 5852 M Chile
Azufre Cerro del Claim Stratovolcano 5846 M Chile
Misti El Claim Stratovolcano 5822 M Perú
Tutupaca Claim Stratovolcano 5815 M Perú
Kunlun Volc Group Claim Pyroclastic cones 5808 M China
Cayambe Claim Compound volcano 5790 M Ecuador
Chiliques Claim Stratovolcano 5778 M Chile
Antisana Claim Stratovolcano 5753 M Ecuador
Peinado Claim Stratovolcano 5740 M Argentina
Purico Complex Claim Pyroclastic shield 5703 M Chile
Lastarria Claim Stratovolcano 5697 M Chile
Orizaba Pico de Claim Stratovolcano 5675 M México
Ubinas Claim Stratovolcano 5672 M Perú
Damavand Claim Stratovolcano 5670 M Iran
Casiri Nevados Claim Stratovolcanoes 5650 M Perú
Elbrus  Has been Claim, View Information Stratovolcano 5633 M Russia
Colachi Claim Stratovolcano 5631 M Chile
Guayaques Claim Lava domes 5598 M Chile
Láscar Claim Stratovolcanoes 5592 M Chile

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