10 Most expensive bra brands in the world

Do You Want to Pay $30 million for a Bra? Here are 8 that may cause sticker shock.

It's not every day that you find yourself looking for the most expensive underwear in the world. Most people regard underwear as a basic necessity and buy them in bulk. Others enjoy wearing high-quality underwear and are willing to splurge.

Whatever your personal preferences, it's no surprise that some expensive underwear is available. The items on this luxury underwear list aren't the kind you'd wear on a regular basis. These exquisitely crafted designer underwear is made from high-quality materials such as gold, diamonds, and others. You'd have to be extremely lucky to get your hands on one of these luxurious underwear sets.
Most expensive bra brands in the world
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What is Bra ?

Bras are essential items in every woman's wardrobe.

Bras provide support and are a must-have for every woman. While most people are concerned with fit, design, and comfort, some ladies are more concerned with price and designer.

Various brands have mastered the art of producing the world's most expensive bras. In fact, brands like Victoria's Secret are more focused on producing expensive and luxurious bras. Some of these bras are valued at more than $12 million.

You probably wouldn't expect a bra to cost a million dollars, but the ones on this list will astound you. These are the priciest bras;

Susan Rosen's bra is worth $30 million.

The Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini – $30 million
Most expensive bra in the world

The Bra by Susan Rosen is the most expensive bra in the world, costing a whopping $30 million. Steinmetz Diamonds and Susan Rosen collaborated to create the bra in 2006.

This stunning piece could pass for one of the most expensive items in the world. This "creative work of art" contains approximately 51 carats of D flawless pear-shaped diamonds, 150 carats of D flawless diamonds, 15 carats of D flawless round diamonds, and 30 carats of D flawless emerald-cut diamonds.

Surprisingly, it is known as the Molly Sims bra because it was first seen on Molly Sims. This bra is actually a bikini set made of platinum.

$ 15 million for the Red Hot Fantasy bra.

The Red hot fantasy bra has surpassed the heavenly star bra as the most expensive Victoria Secret bra, becoming the second most expensive. With a price tag of $15 million, Red Hot Fantasy Bra redefined luxury.
Red Hot Fantasy bra- $ 15 million.
It was first worn by supermodel Giselle Bundchen in 2000. The Red Hot Fantasy bra contains approximately 1,300 valuable jewels, including 300 carats of rubies. It is, in fact, the most luxurious bra on the list, surpassing all others.

$12.5 million for the Heavenly Star Victoria Secret Bra.

The Heavenly Star Victoria Secret Bra is another product from the Victoria Secret line. It is Victoria Secret's most expensive bra, and it ranks third on our list of most expensive bras.
Heavenly Star Victoria Secret Bra- $12.5 million.

The Guinness Book of World Records named this bra "the most expensive bra ever made."

The heavenly star first appeared in 2001, with VS angel Heidi Klum serving as the campaign's face. This bra was adorned with 1,200 pink Sri Lankan sapphires and a $9.6 million diamond.
With the number of sapphires and diamonds used, we can all agree that this bra is "heavenly" and well worth the outrageous $12.5 million price tag.

$12.5 million for the Sexy Splendor Fantasy bra

The Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra is another "sexy" bra on our list of the Most Expensive Bras. It was worn and displayed by supermodel Gisele Bundchen in 2005. This bra's features include a large clear diamond that hangs in the center of the bra.
Sexy Splendor Fantasy bra- $12.5 million.
It also has a lot of rubies and diamonds engraved in it. Furthermore, it features a 101-carat white gold diamond with 2,900 paved gemstones. This bra was inspired by Princess Leila's fashion style in the iconic series "Star Wars." This fascinating work is worth a whopping $12.5 million.

11 million dollars for a Very Sexy Fantasy bra.

Another pricey bra is the sexy fantasy bra. Heidi Klum modeled this sheer extravagance for the first time in 2003. The Very Sexy Fantasy bra lived up to its name by making both the wearer and the bra appear very "sexy."
Very Sexy Fantasy bra-$ 11 million.

This bra has 22 rubies, 18-carat white gold, and a 2.900 diamond that was handcrafted for over 409 hours. It also has a 70 excelsior carat diamond and 101 carat flawless pear-shaped stone studs in the center. A girl's best friend is diamonds.

$10 million for the Millennium Fantasy Bra

The Millennium Fantasy Bra – $10 million

This lingerie set first appeared in 1999 and has only grown in value since then. The stunning two-piece bikini is adorned with diamond-cut sapphires and diamond ropes, making it sexy, fun, and pricey.

The Royal Fantasy Bra is worth ten million dollars.

The royal fantasy bra, which costs a whopping $10 million, is the world's seventh most expensive bra.

It first appeared at a fashion show in 2013. It was created by the talented Jeweler Mouawad and walked the runway with the stunning Candice Swanepoel.
Royal Fantasy Bra – $ 10 million.
Candice Swanepoel, the stunning Candice Swanepoel, embodied and colored this piece. Its alluring appearance is highlighted by a 52-carat pear-shaped ruby as the centerpiece. It also includes a belt that was designed to match the bra.

The belt was made of 18-carat yellow gold and was encrusted with over 4,200 rubies, diamonds, blue and yellow sapphires, and diamonds. Over 5,400 precious gemstones were used in this 2013 fantasy bra and matching belt.

Victoria's Secret Hearts of Fire diamond fantasy bra costs $6.5 million.

The Victoria's Secret brand is unquestionably unique. The Heart of fire diamond fantasy bra by Victoria Secret is the ninth most expensive bra on our list. This is a diamond-encrusted bra with 2,000 hearts on fire diamonds.
Hearts of Fire diamond fantasy bra by Victoria’s Secret – $ 6.5 million.

It also features a 10-carat diamond brooch as the centerpiece. The price is reasonable given the number of diamonds and other precious stones on this bra. Karolina Kurvoka donned it.

The bra made its debut in 2006 in Los Angeles, where it was celebrated with a high-profile gala. The amount of time and effort put into creating this stunning piece is also noteworthy.
Over 20,000 hours were spent cutting and polishing the diamonds that adorn this dazzling masterpiece, while over 300 hours were spent building the bra itself. The most amazing aspect of this bra is the type of diamond used, which makes it a diamond 2.0. This bra is worth an incredible $6.5 million.

Victoria's Secret Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra - $5 million.

The black diamond fantasy miracle bra is the tenth most expensive bra on our list. This black diamond bra with the names "miracle" and "fantasy" has to live up to its billing. Adriana Lima, a supermodel, wore and showcased it in 2008.
Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra by Victoria’s secret – $5 million.
It may be the tenth most expensive bra on our list, but that doesn't mean it's cheap - $5 million spent on this bra is a lot of money. This luxury bra was created by the Victoria's Secret brand.
It has 3,575 black diamonds, including 117 genuine one-carat round white diamonds and two 50-carat black diamonds that hang from the center of the bra. It also contains 34 rubies.

The black diamond fantasy miracle bra was created and designed by celebrity jewelry maker Martin Karts for the Emmys in 2013. It was displayed on the red carpet at the Emmys. This bra stole the show on the red carpet.

$26,000 for the Gold Lingerie Set

The Gold Lingerie Set – $26,000

This stunning lingerie set was created in Wuhan, China, over the course of six months by five jewelers. It is made of 3 kilograms of gold and shines in every direction the light hits it. Despite being on display for three weeks, the piece failed to attract buyers because it was not properly advertised. It is now considered a work of art and is on display for those who are interested.

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