6 “Must Know” Copywriting Secrets that Guarantee Success!

Before we dive into the mystery of copywriting, let's talk about what copywriting is. Copywriting is writing text for  advertising or marketing purposes. The text, named Copy, is  content aimed at raising brand awareness and ultimately persuading customers and viewers to take certain actions. 

 My 6 Copywriting Secrets will help you  sell your products and services once you meet and master the needs and desires of your audience. 

 We all have websites, blogs, social media accounts, advertisements, ebooks and newsletters that we need to write for our business. Mastering the basics of effective copywriting is more important than ever. If you can afford to pay a good copywriter to  work for you, it's well-used money. However, many entrepreneurs and small businesses cannot justify this cost. Therefore, it is important to learn the six simple secrets of good copywriting.

6 “Must Know” Copywriting Secrets that Guarantee Success!
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Kinds of buyers

There are basically 4 kinds of buyers.

Driver buyer 

 Karen's desk is  in front of a large  glass plate overlooking the river. But what you notice is that she never looks out. Instead, she invites you to the office, calls her business partner, and looks up her invoice pile. She quickly moves through a room full of contemporary chairs, oak end tables, and leather books. There is an exotic orchid in the room, which is taken care of by an assistant. She has a professionally photographed family portrait on the wall. There are no snaps. She is waiting for you to start, her eyes rush towards her watch and come back again. 

 Motivation: Power and Respect 

 Drivers are most worried about how others see and follow their instructions. In other words, you need to be aware of the driver immediately so that he feels empowered in every interaction. Relationships are not an important factor in this type of decision making. Results that improve the appearance of the driver are important. The biggest fear of the 

 driver is that it is not respected or utilized. This allows them to be proactive and disciplined to achieve the desired results. You must prove your product to them and respect  their position without being overwhelmed. The driver does not respect the prickly lazy. On the other hand, if he or she trusts you, they  make an immediate decision.

Expressive buyers 

 Jerry's desk is messed up. His office is full of photos, quotations and files piled up throughout the room. He has a small plant that appears to have been unwatered for weeks. He says he's busy, but he spends 15 minutes talking to you about your dog. In response to your comment, as soon as he looks back, he finds a picture of  a dachshund that looks like a random pile of paper. His office is full of many semi-finished projects and he soon agrees on something fresh and new. 

 Motivation: Recognition and recognition 

 Expressiveness is incredible in customer relationship management, which means  you need to be too. The most important asset for this type of buyer is people, which is reflected in not paying attention to more specific goals such as sales volume. Your marketing must emphasize their personal value to you and the value of your product to others, as they want to be needed. 

  Expressive shoppers can't stand being isolated or  the least noticed. They want to know that they are your most important customer. They can be operational or responsive when they  feel  they are not getting enough attention.

 Friendly buyers 

 George greets you with a warm handshake and questions about your day. His colleague passes by his office and warmly welcomes him. On his desk is a small souvenir received from other colleagues and family during the decade he  worked there. In his office there are several paintings that have been elegantly selected to match the carpet and furniture. He has been staying for a long time and is  working on the project long after others have returned home. When asked why, he says. "Everyone has a job to do. I want to make sure I'm doing my best to keep the ship running smoothly." 

 Motivation: Stability and Collaboration 

 Nice buyers just want to make everyone else happy. Because of this, they often find it  difficult  to make big decisions. They are always worried about how their choices affect the people around them. This can significantly slow down their decision-making process  if you are not immediately engaged in the most comfortable social aspects. 

 Friendly shoppers hate confusion and change. When  communicating with nice people, it's important to emphasize the ease of migration that your product or service offers. In addition, it is important to  allow loved ones to make decisions on their own schedule. They know what's best for the team and make sure all the elements are effectively integrated.

Analysis buyer 

 Jennifer's desk is pure white. On her wall are the latest sales statistics, flowcharts for each area of ​​the organization, and several degrees she has earned. Her eyes, wearing glasses, are accustomed to reading and rereading all the suggestions, ideas, and reports that get to her desk. She has few pictures of plants and family and is a little too personal for a professional desk space. Her office is an example of a "no-frills" perspective. She greets you professionally, but with little warmth. She is working here  and wants to tell the facts straight. 

 Motivation: Logic and Information 

 Analytical buyers are best recognized for their attention to detail and  perfectionism. They can look withdrawn, withdrawn, or even indecisive. So don't fool you. Analytical buyers hesitate only if they do not yet have all the information they need to make an informed decision. The 

  criticism is a headache for analytical beings, so they often don't discuss ideas unless they are 100% sure they are correct. Accuracy is the most important goal and risk is completely avoided. 

6  Copywriting Secrets that Guarantee Success

#1. Copywriting secret 

 Keep your writing simple. When writing, write at the reading level of 5th to 8th grade. Tip: You can use Microsoft Word  to view readability statistics and evaluate readings by grade. (This is part of the spelling / grammar checker). 

  •  Use short sentences 
  •  Use short paragraphs 
  •  Do not use jargon or jargon 
  •  Bullets and lists divide long sections of text and are eye-friendly 
  •  Use simple words 
  •  Roger's Thesaurus is a great tool to  avoid using the same word multiple times in your copy.

#2. Copywriting secret 

 If you're writing for a website,  your visitors should skim to see what's in it and don't forget they stay, learn more, and take action. .. The eyes slide the screen from left to right in a Z-shape. 

  • Split text using headings and images / icons 
  • It's important for banners to have beautiful, high-profile images  with as little text as possible. 
  • Use subheadings and buttons 
  • Bullets and short sentences are easier to read than long paragraphs 
  • Include keywords and key phrases in your  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) text to help your target market find you when you search Google.  

#3. Copywriting Secret  

  Telling a story in your writing A short story that stimulates the senses is the best! 

  • Take something from your real life and relate it to your business. 
  • Think of the parable you heard when you were a kid. The story always referred to desirable behaviors, beliefs, behaviors, and so on. -"Lessons of the story". 

#4. Copywriting Secret   

 Write for one person, not for everyone. When writing, think of someone similar to the person you are trying to deal with in your post and write your post for them. 

  • What is your hot button? (Find her her! Push her her!) 
  • What are their worries and fears? (Grow her her!) 
  • What is their problem? (Solve them!) 

 #5. Copywriting secret  

 Follow  AIDA formulas: 

  • Attention: Get your readers' attention with  great headlines and introductory sections. 
  • Interest: What do you get from it? Capture their emotions and share what the negative effects would be if they didn't do what you wanted. 
  • Desire: Imagine having what they want and show them that you hold the key to getting what they want.  
  • Action: Tell them what  to do and specifically why they should act now. (Use shortages, incentives, bonuses, etc.) 

 #6. Copywriting secret  

 Build trust by being trustworthy 

  •  Tell the truth 
  •  Do not overdo or decorate 
  •  Use specific numbers, not generalizations, when referencing statistics, results, and data 
  •  Use letters of recommendation to establish credibility 
  •  Stay consistent 
  •  Exceed the promise 
  •  Make sure you guarantee when you need it

Copywriter sering tidak setuju apakah penjualan pendek dengan banyak ruang putih lebih baik atau apakah panjang dan detail adalah cara yang harus dilakukan.

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