7 Ways To Make Money as a Teenager Online Working

 There are numerous opportunities for teens to make money in the market. However, you may find it difficult to determine what to do to generate income at times. Many of us create a mental barrier when looking for ways to make money, and our money-making ideas remain out of reach. There are ways to make extra money no matter what your skill set or how much time you have.

It is not difficult to find work if you forget about your certificate and mentally prepare yourself. You can quickly begin earning money every month. But the contradiction begins within you when you consider job responsibilities, duty hours, and the money you earn at the end of each month.

In any case, you must begin somewhere in your life. However, before beginning any job, you should be aware of your options and determine which one is best for you. Choose something interesting and comfortable for you.

how to make money as a teenager
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The issue with being under 18

The problem with being under the age of 18 is that many opportunities for earning money are out of reach. Many traditional side hustles, such as ridesharing and food delivery, may require you to be over the age of 18. Similarly, unless you share an account with your parents, PayPal is not available to you.

We'll go over how to make money as a teenager without a job in this article, focusing solely on the various ways you can earn money without having to worry about an age requirement. We'll also discuss the advantages of earning money as a teenager and what to do with the money you earn.

The Advantages of Making Money as a Teenager Without Working

While there are numerous advantages to earning money through employment, there are additional advantages to earning money as a teenager without a job. They're right here.

Learn to Make Money in Unusual Ways

Most people spend the majority of their adult lives working a traditional 9 to 5 job. Working in traditional jobs usually entails earning an hourly wage or a salary that is limited to how much a company is willing to pay you. It means you'll always be at risk of being laid off or losing your job when you least expect it. You'll most likely work 40 or more hours per week for 3-4 decades.

You break free from the mold and gain a more entrepreneurial mindset when you learn how to earn money in unconventional ways. This is not to say you shouldn't look for a regular job at some point. Full-time employment will enable you to support yourself in a more concrete and predictable manner. That being said, earning money by working your own hours and starting your own side hustle or business can lead to a much higher income and greater success if you are successful.

Discover How To Balance Work And Life

Entrepreneurs are known to work 14-16 hour days on occasion. As a teen attempting to make money without getting a job, you may find yourself working long hours between school, activities, and your money-making endeavors. Excessive effort leads to burnout. With this in mind, make sure you have enough free time to pursue hobbies and unwind.

If you want to work for yourself as an adult by starting a business or participating in the side hustle culture, mastering work-life balance is one of the most important skills you can learn.

Earn More Money Per Hour Than Typical Teenage Jobs

As a teenager, you may be paid less than an adult. This indicates that you are more likely to earn minimum wage or close to it. When you create your own source of income, you can earn more money than your friend who works in retail. This is not true for all side hustles, but there are definitely opportunities to earn a decent living doing odd jobs. If you have the time and energy, take on multiple projects at once to maximize your earning potential.

Aside from that, an entrepreneur must learn how to balance their time and energy, as they are frequently on their own when working for themselves and first starting out - especially as a teen. Many small business owners do not achieve long-term success, which is why gaining entrepreneurial experience as a teenager is critical before you're older and have a lot more at stake.

You may discover that this work-life balance is not for you, but you may also discover that entrepreneur life is ideal for you.

How To Earn Money As A Teenager Without Working

Now that we've discussed the advantages of earning money as a teenager without a job, let's look at some of the best ways to earn extra cash in your spare time.

#1. Sell Stock photos

You could sell your photos online if you have a passion for photography and are an excellent photographer. As contributors, you have the option of receiving a royalty payment every time your photo is purchased. Such contributors are always found on sites like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock Contributor. This could be an opportunity to expose your own art to the rest of the world.

Even if you are skilled at creating digital images, some websites are looking for good digital art to sell online. This is the most straightforward way for teenagers to earn money online.

#2. Completing Online Surveys

Joining an online survey company like Swagbucks is possibly the simplest way to earn money online. Swagbucks requires you to be at least 13 years old, and you can earn gift cards to dozens of locations, including restaurants, retail outlets, and Amazon, through Swagbucks. Visa gift cards are also available and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. You can also set up a PayPal account and cash out your earnings if you're 18 or older.

You can earn SB currency by filling out surveys, watching videos, surfing the internet, or even playing mobile phone games on the Swagbucks platform.

This type of money-making activity can be done on your own time, such as while waiting for a bus or train, sitting at lunch at school, or relaxing at home.

Most people will earn around $3 per hour on average, which isn't much, but it's a great option if you don't have any other way to earn money or simply want to supplement your income when you have a few minutes to kill on your computer or phone.

3 Best Website Examples for Paid Surveys

If you register with too many companies, you may experience contact overload, making it difficult to find the best opportunities. Rather than sifting through a plethora of options, focus on those that match your demographics and availability.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, with over 48,000 user reviews. Branded Research, the parent company, has been conducting market research since 2012.

When you sign up as a new member, you will receive 50 points, and another 50 points will be credited to your account after you complete your profile (a total of $1 sign up bonus).

After you create an account, you can immediately begin taking surveys, which can be worth up to $5 each. You can cash out your earnings in your local currency once you reach 1,000 points (equal to $10 USD) (USD, CAD, GBP).

Branded Elite, Branded Surveys' loyalty program, allows anyone to earn bonus points on a weekly basis. By progressing through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers, you can increase your bonus amount. You must complete a certain number of approved surveys to advance, and your bonus is determined by your badge level.


InboxDollars has been in operation since 2006 and was purchased by Prodege, LLC in 2019. The BBB has given them an A- rating. According to the company's website, it has paid out more than $80 million to its members.

Users of InboxDollars accumulate earnings in cash rather than points, making it simple to know how much you'll earn before committing to a task. Most paid opportunities pay a small amount, but the more surveys you complete, the more money you can earn.

Signing up and getting started with InboxDollars is free, and you'll receive a $5 bonus once you activate your account. You'll then be asked a few basic questions about your income, race, education, and other demographics. This preliminary screening will assist InboxDollars in matching you with relevant paid surveys.

You can also earn money by watching video ads, playing games, and shopping online at stores like Target, Walmart, and eBay.


Swagbucks is yet another paid survey site run by Prodege, LLC. It is possibly the most popular survey site in the world, with a 4.4 rating on the App Store and over 61,000 reviews, and a 4.2 rating on Google Play and over 84,000 reviews.

Depending on the length and popularity of the topic, completed surveys pay between 1 and 350 Swagbucks (also known as SBs). You'll get an extra $1 for every 100 SBs you earn, which you can redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon, Lowe's, and Target.

After spending at least $25 at one of the site's featured retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart, new Swagbucks members will receive a $10 signup bonus.

Swagbucks does not only offer paid online surveys as a way to earn money. SBs are given to members who shop online, search the web, and watch videos. When you reach 160 points, you can begin redeeming your earnings.

I accumulated 256 points — roughly $2.56 — in three days of passively using the platform. With a similar effort, I'd expect to earn around $25 over a thirty-day period.

#3. Website User Testing

If you are unaware, you may be surprised to learn that you can be paid to simply try out a new website and provide feedback. There are numerous genuine and legitimate sites, such as UserTesting.com, that offer this type of opportunity.

How to Participate: To participate, you must first register as a UserTesting.com user. Simply log in to your account, locate the gigs, and provide feedback and usability ratings on various websites and online apps. There are numerous ways to make money as a teen, but this is the simplest way to make money online.

3 Best Website User Testing Examples 


For nearly a decade, UserTesting has been the gold standard of user testing. The platform has been in operation since 2007, and numerous high-profile companies, including AutoTrader and Udemy, rely on them for usability testing services.

The standard rate on UserTesting is $10 per 20-minute test, with an additional charge for interviews. When you finish a website or app test, you'll receive payment on your PayPal account exactly 7 days later. As of 2021, over 3,000,000 million user tests had been completed on UserTesting, and it remains one of the most trustworthy sites for getting paid to test websites.


UserZoom, which was founded in 2002, is one of the oldest user testing platforms still in use today. They've worked with a variety of high-profile clients over the years, including Ryanair, one of the world's largest airlines. They can be trusted because they are one of the "big fish" in the usability testing industry.

As usual, payments for test participants are processed through PayPal. However, in the case of UserZoom, they are delivered within 21 business days of the completion of a test. That's three times slower than UserTesting. On the other hand, IntelliZoom occasionally pays $10 for short tests that take less than 10 minutes. If you're lucky, this will raise the hourly rate to $60.


TryMyUI, which has been in business since 2010, is another user testing market veteran. While they don't appear to have as many high-profile clients listed on their website as UserTesting, they remain one of the industry's largest players.

TryMyUI, like UserTesting, pays website testers to perform tests on websites and apps, with a standard rate of $10 per test and an average test time of about 20 minutes. Again, this brings the hourly rate to around $30.

#4. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to earn money, but it requires a lot of potential, patience, and a solid money-making strategy. Blogging is not a quick and easy way to make money, but it has a high earning potential once you start earning from blogging. Remember that building an audience is not an easy task. But it is also not an impossible task; all it takes is time, patience, and consistent dedication to your work. When you successfully build an audience for your blog, you can earn money in a variety of ways.

You can make money by selling advertisements, Become an affiliate for the products of others, Online selling of your own product, And we'll go over a lot more in another post.

3 Examples of Highest Paid Bloggers

Yaro Starak - $40,000+ per month

Yaro Starak is the founder of Entrepreneurs Journey, a blog dedicated to assisting other entrepreneurs in their online success.

He makes money in the following ways:

His main source of income is from selling his own digital products, but he also makes money from affiliate marketing and some advertising.

What distinguishes him:

Yaro launched his first website about the card game Magic the Gathering and quickly earned over $1,000 per month. He then began blogging about his success on his website.

You'll also notice that the blog is heavily focused on Yaro, which is a good thing. Every thumbnail features him, and every post includes an original photo of him.

Abby Lawson - $41,000+ per month

Just a Girl and Her Blog is a popular lifestyle, organization, and productivity blog run by Abby and Donnie Lawson.

They make money in the following ways:

Affiliate marketing and the promotion of products such as ConvertKit account for 65 percent of their income (email marketing). 35% comes from their own products and services (some digital training and printables).

What distinguishes her:

This blog is much more lifestyle oriented than many other successful blogs. Because they provide more entertainment than educational content, many "lifestyle" bloggers do not make money.

What's impressive about Abby is that she's managed to make her lifestyle blog profitable by both educating and entertaining her readers.

Darren Rowse - $100,000+ per month

Darren Rowse is the owner of Pro Blogger, a popular blogging authority site where he teaches people how to blog like the pros.

He makes money in the following ways:

His main source of income is advertising, but he also sells a course on how to build a better blog in 31 days and hosts a small conference called Success Incubator.

What distinguishes him:

A polished authority blog has the style of a pro blogger. Darren is wearing a suit jacket on the home page, and everything is presented in a clean and professional manner. This approach, combined with the domain name, naturally leads people to believe the messages he delivers.

#5. Do Fiverr Freelance Work

Fiverr is a website where you can offer a variety of online services such as graphic and logo design, writing blog posts, technical support, video editing, and much more. It pays to research the competition and offer less commonly offered services, which allows you to charge a higher rate for your work. Given enough sales and a good reputation, some people can make a full-time living from Fiverr.

One of the best aspects of Fiverr is that you can create an account and sell services as young as 13 years old.

#6. Earn Money by Playing Video Games

We previously mentioned Swagbucks, an app that allows you to earn money by filling out surveys and shopping online. Swagbucks also allows users to earn money by playing mobile phone games. You won't make much money per hour spent playing the games, but you will have fun, and you can convert the SB into free gift cards that you can use for anything. You could even turn those gift cards into cash and sell them to anyone who is interested.

3 Examples of Earning Money Playing Video Games

Video Game Coaching

If you have a deep understanding and passion for specific games, video game coaching is an excellent option.

Tutorials, screen-sharing walkthroughs, and group classes can help you teach other gamers. Wouldn't it be great to be compensated for sharing your tips, tricks, and advice?

You can set your own rates (typically $30/hour and up) and availability on platforms like Gamer Sensei. However, not all coaches who apply are accepted. While this keeps the platform's quality high, it can be discouraging if you're just starting out.

Another option is to set up some coaching gigs on Fiverr for your favorite games, or to look for clients locally.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer when creating your profile. Why should they employ you? What video game experience do you have?

Your rates will vary depending on your level of experience, the popularity of the game, and the level of competition.

Most video game coaches charge by the hour, usually between $20 and $200. However, group classes could earn you even more money.

Group Video Game Classes for Kids

Outschool is one place to sell those group classes. Academic and extracurricular classes are available on the K-12 online education platform.

Video game classes are a popular extracurricular activity. Why? Parents adore the idea of providing their children with a safe and nurturing online environment.

In this video, I spoke with Devyn Ricks, a mom of four, who reported earning up to $4000 per month playing video games on Outschool!

Play-to-Earn Game Apps

A number of smartphone apps allow you to earn money while playing video games in your spare time. Here are some of the top picks from Side Hustle Nation.

Blackout Bingo

The popular Blackout Bingo game app transforms traditional bingo into a game of speed and skill.

With over 5 million downloads, the app has mostly received positive feedback (players call it fun and addicting). The most common complaint in negative App Store reviews is that the ads claiming you can win big money with little effort are deceptive.

Practice for free first, as with all gaming apps. Then, never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

#7. Make Money From Your YouTube Channel/Become a YouTuber

Young people are constantly online, and you might have an idea for a successful YouTube channel. How-to videos, product reviews, tutorials, and product recommendations are all popular on YouTube. To earn money from ad revenue, you must be 18 years old or have a legal guardian who can handle payments through Google Adsense. You can also earn money by providing affiliate links to products you discuss on your channel; however, check the program requirements to see if you are of legal drinking age. If not, a legal guardian can assist you.

Because YouTube is a highly competitive site, it makes sense to be patient and learn SEO. SEO will assist you in attracting viewers, which will increase revenue. Of course, making high-quality videos that benefit viewers will earn you more views and money.

YouTube's Highest-Earning Stars: (estimated annual earnings)

  • TimothyDeLaGhetto – $1 million (619 million total video views)
  • SHAYTARDS – $1 million (1.7 billion views)
  • Shane Dawson – $1 million (1.1 billion views)
  • TheRadBrad – $1 million (1.6b views)
  • ElRubiusOMG – $1.1 million (2.1b views)
  • Vsauce – $1.2 million (826 million views)
  • EvanTubeHD – $1.3 million (1.4b views)
  • rankvsPrank – $1.3 million (788m views)
  • EpicMealTime – $1.3 million (814m views)
  • FPSRussia – $1.3 million (667m views)
  • MichellePhan – $1.3 million (1.3b views)
  • heDiamondMinecart – $1.4 million (3.4b views)
  • Potemi926 – $1.6 million (2b views)
  •  Vegetta777 – $1.6 million (2.9b views)

Have you chosen the right job for you? Do it right away, and don't think about the results first

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