The Benefits of the Blog Types

The benefits of the blog types and examples

In blogging, you are not limited into one type of blogging type. In fact, there are several types of blogs. No matter what type bloggers use, they publish content around topics and issues that they feel passionate about. For instance, several bloggers write about politics, others for pet care and some for personal computers. However, blogs that are business oriented are often focused into a single topic for the fact that they need to emphasize their services or products.

the benefits of the blog types and skills
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Blogs can cover a wide range of topics. Because of this versatility, several people are starting to blog. Not only can they express what they feel or advertise their products or services, they can also earn cash.

Blogs are new methods of earning income at the comfort of your own home. However, that is just the icing on the cake since blogging can bring lots of joy to several bloggers for that fact that they can share their opinions and thoughts to others and receive advise from them or vice versa.

Blogging for Business

Several businesses are exploring the world of blogging. This is an excellent opportunity for them since blogging is a great medium of communication. Additionally, business oriented blogs can benefit from the search engine optimization advantage, which is the biggest leverage of blogging.

If the business has a Web site that promotes a product or service, any type of content that the business use as the vehicle to drive the business or commerce to another level require a blog. Blogs are very useful because they are text-based and light weight, with regards to the code used, compared to traditional Web site content. This only means that blogs minimize the crawl time of search engine spiders and allow them to retrieve more information about the page to the search directories a lot faster.

More so, blogs are dynamic because they can be updatedfrequently. By frequently publishing contents for the blog, the search engine spiders visit more often. The result is that the blog can have more pages being sent over the search engines compared to the business’s opponents. This is very good indeed if the competitor is the one who has a static Web site. This also provides the blogging business an opportunity to reach out to more potential customers, thus possibly increasing their revenue.

Good Business Blogging Examples

1. Media Bistro
the benefits of the blog types and examples
website Media Bistro
Media Bistro acts as a matchmaker between media hiring managers and the talented professionals they hire. Because the company caters to two distinct audiences, they publish two blogs: one for employers and one for media professionals.

The employer blog is a good mix of posts that cover hiring manager-relevant news, answers to questions their readers are likely to have, and general advice. Some recent examples worth considering are:

Congress Considers Significant Changes to 401(k) Contributions
Employee benefits are something that every hiring manager considers; the benefits they provide and how competitive they are can have a significant impact on the caliber of talent they attract. So when the government considers legislative changes that could affect the value of a common employee benefit like the 401(k), the Media Bistro audience should be aware. This post describes the proposed changes and their implications for the blog's readers.

Can You Hire or Fire People Based on Their Political Beliefs?
In the divisive atmosphere that has followed the last presidential election, this is likely a question on the minds of many hiring managers. This blog post addresses both the technical answer (legally, yes, at least in most states) and the larger question of whether or not you should consider politics in personnel decisions.

The career advice blog publishes roundups of top jobs available in various cities on a regular basis, which is definitely useful to readers looking for work, as well as posts that offer general career advice and answers to frequently asked questions. Here are a few good examples:

6 Ways to Find a Magazine Editor

Finding the right person to pitch is a big part of the job for many professional writers. This post outlines the steps writers can take to find the editors at the publications they want to pitch. It's a useful piece that solves a common issue for readers.

How to Get a Higher-Paying Job

Any career blog, regardless of industry, should address the issue of money. It's one of the most important topics on readers' minds. In this post, Media Bistro tackles the topic, providing specific advice on how to start making more money and backing it up with anecdotes from expert sources.

2. Priceonomics

Priceonomics website
Priceonomics' business model is based on data: effectively tracking and utilizing it. And they effectively use their blog to demonstrate the type of good use their clients can put it to. Their blog posts all use data to answer common questions - or, more often than not, questions you didn't even know you had but are eager to learn the answer to.

A lot of the content on their own blog is an example of how they collaborate with their clients. They make a case for their products while entertaining their readers by demonstrating how their customers use data to create great content.

Their posts are a mix of entertaining, useful, and simply interesting information. Here are a couple of good examples:

Is There a Link Between Poor Grammar and Poor Reviews?
This post is an excellent example of a collaboration with a client, Datafiniti, a company with a large database of products and reviews. When you hear the question, you probably recall the large number of poorly written negative reviews you've read, many of which had excessive capital letters or confusing typos. It's an example of a question you didn't realize you had until you heard it, and now you want to know the answer, don't you?

The post not only answers this question (yes, if you're wondering), but it also contains a lot of interesting insights on the average length of reviews (apparently one-word reviews are quite common) and how length and spelling errors both correlate to whether a review is positive or negative. It's an in-depth and engaging analysis that does a good job of demonstrating the value Priceonomics provides to customers.

The Most (and Least) Nutritious Meals for Your Money
This is an excellent example of a very useful post. If you care about your health (as most of us do) and you also care about how you spend your money (as most of us do), then this is the kind of information you need to make better meal choices. This is another collaboration with a customer, this time with a software company that helps people plan and track their healthy eating.

It puts to the test the widely held belief that healthy eating is more expensive (spoiler: it does). However, it follows that depressing discovery with a list of healthy foods and recipes that are low in cost and high in nutrition. In a nutshell, it's extremely useful.

Blogging for Personal Use

Normally, personal blogs have the characteristics of being exciting, interesting and enjoyable. Bloggers blogging for personal reasons have the purpose of keeping their friends and family updated about their lives and activities. Many bloggers find comfort in blogging personal contents. Additionally, if you create a personal blog, you are open to the idea of sharing your interest with other people who might visit your blog.

Like any other blogs, personal blogs can be incorporated with photos, videos and other multimedia elements. You can create a personal blog about anything that you feel passionate about. There are even personal blogs with contents regarding products that the blogger is really interested in. This provides the businesses ideas about the preferences of their customers. This only proves that blogs also work in synergy.

Blogs are very easy to use content management systems, which allow you to publish articles right away and in real-time. These platforms for communication unravel new opportunities to connect with others both in a personal or professional manner.

Good Blogging for Personal Use Examples

1. My Wife Quit Her Job
blogging for personal use
website My Wife Quit Her Job
My Wife Quit Her Job tells the story of Steve Chou and his wife starting an online store that earns more than $100,000 per year.

Jennifer, his wife, was able to quit her job and stay at home to raise the family's children as a result of this.

The blog combines entrepreneurship and parenthood stories, making for a relatable, useful, and heartwarming read.

Even if you don't share the same goals as the blog's founder, the site can teach you a lot about starting a home-based business (or anywhere in the world).

As an aspiring blogger, you can also learn how to incorporate your family life into a blog that isn't solely about parenting (though that is a viable option, too).

This is also an excellent strategy for starting a pet blog.

2. Cookie + Kate
blogging for personal use
website Cookie + Kate

Cookie + Kate is a food blog for vegetarians.

It would still be a valuable source of whole food, vegetarian recipes if it stopped there.

It's more than that, though, because Kate, the site's founder, has also included stories and photos of her dog Cookie.

Cute dog photos will melt almost anyone's heart, so incorporating them into your blog can be a fun way to stand out.

This website demonstrates that there is more to pet photos than just creating a dedicated Instagram account.

You can use them to create an entire food and recipe brand with a little imagination.

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