The secret : how to get flawless skin naturally

The secret : how to get flawless skin naturally
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The secret of flawless skin

We all want to wake up with flawless skin. So, what's the key to flawless skin? The key to beautiful skin is to take care of yourself by following a few simple guidelines on a regular basis. Complete skin care is divided into three categories, each of which is equally important: nourishment, skin hygiene, and stress.


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Everyone focuses on cleansing and moisturizing when it comes to skin care, but what we often forget is that nourishment is the true foundation of good skin. Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as foods high in proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins, particularly vitamin C.

Reduce your intake of sugar and dairy products, with the exception of yogurt, which is actually beneficial due to its beneficial bacteria. You should also limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine.

Aside from food, your daily water consumption is also important for the health of your skin. Make sure to consume at least 2 liters per day.


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You can have a perfect diet and a spotless skin care routine, but it is also important to note that stress leaves a mark on our skin, particularly in the form of wrinkles and skin dryness. Stress affects the skin on your face just as much as the rest of your body.

There are various ways to reduce stress; if possible, reduce or eliminate the stress factor, but also try any sport or exercise. Sleep is also important for stress management, so aim for 8 hours of sleep per day.

Skin cleanliness

Skin cleanliness
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Aside from food and stress, you must also maintain good skin hygiene. When cleaning your skin, use products that are appropriate for your skin type. Regardless of whether your skin is normal, oily, dry, combination, or sensitive, the routine is the same: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and apply sunscreen.

Cleanse your skin every day.

Cleanse your skin
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Make sure to remove your makeup before cleansing your skin. This is especially important when it comes to waterproof makeup because makeup can clog pores, resulting in blackheads. You can cleanse your skin with various products, but the frequency with which you cleanse is more important. It is sufficient to clean their faces once or twice per day.

Warm water is best for washing your face because hot water can make your skin oilier. Popping pimples is also not a good idea because it can cause scarring.

Protect your skin by moisturizing it.

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After cleansing your skin, apply moisturizer to protect it from dirt and the elements. Although moisturizing is beneficial, it should not be applied at night because the skin needs to rest as well. If you don't want to use a product, you could try natural alternatives like shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, or olive oil.

Exfoliate once a week.

Apart from cleaning the skin, it is also necessary to exfoliate it. Exfoliating allows for deeper pore cleansing and the removal of dead skin cells. It should not be done more than once or twice a week. You can use any type of facial scrub, but baking soda, sea salt, honey, and coffee can also be used.

Using sunscreen

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Sun rays, including UVA and UVB rays, cause wrinkles and spots on your skin in the long run. This is why it is critical to wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Use sunscreen creams with an SPF of 30 or higher. Use it not only on the beach in the summer, but also in snowy mountains, as snow reflects the sun.

Overall, having beautiful skin is not impossible, but it does necessitate some effort. Create your own skin care routine, find time and ways to relax, and watch your diet.

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