A Simple Budget Wedding that Needs to be Prepared

 Marriage budget is something that needs to be prepared and taken into account when you have plans to get married. Actually, there is no standard rule about how big the wedding budget is.

Weddings are considered a sacred moment and must be celebrated as lavishly as not a few who try to organize a wedding with a fantastic budget. However, not all brides-to-be are couples who are financially able to make a party with such a fantastic wedding budget.

So, will a simple wedding budget reduce the sacredness of the event? Of course not, you can still make a wedding with a simple wedding budget. An important point when saving or saving is the availability of an emergency fund to minimize risk.

Preparation of Marriage Budget

A Simple Budget Wedding that Needs to be Prepared
A Simple Budget Wedding that Needs to be Prepared
Because there are quite a lot of things that you have to prepare for a wedding, it's a good idea if you make preparations and preparations with your partner long ago. 

So, what are the wedding expenses that need to be prepared? Here's an explanation of the things that need to be prepared for your wedding budget.

The cost of dowry or dowry

The first marriage budget that must be prepared by the dowry or dowry is an important aspect of a marriage. The definition of dowry is the property given by the groom to the bride. 

Usually, the dowry is in the form of a set of prayer/worship tools, some cash, jewelery or gold (precious metals).

Delivery Fee

Delivery or offerings are one of the hereditary traditions that are often carried out during wedding processions or proposals so that this is included in the list of wedding budgets that must be prepared. 

Generally, the contents of the offerings include prayer/worship equipment, women's equipment, underwear, shoes, bags, watches, make-up, toiletries), to food and fruit.

Religious Affairs office fee

For this wedding budget, if you get married at the religious affairs office (RAO)  during working hours, Monday-Friday, it will be free. 

Getting married at the RAO is subject to a fee if the bride and groom are not married at the RAO office or outside the RAO working days and hours (holidays or weekends). 

Therefore, if you are holding a wedding outside of RAO working hours, you must prepare a wedding budget for this one.

Marriage budget for wedding rings

The next preparation is to determine the wedding budget for the wedding ring. Finding a wedding ring that fits his own desires is not easy. 

Many brides and grooms are overwhelmed by confusion because of the problem of wedding rings. choice, you and your partner are aware of this because the price of the wedding ring depends on the model, weight, material and brand.

Cost of building or wedding venue

Determining the location of the wedding will affect your wedding budget. There are several options that you can take for the location such as renting a suitable building based on the location, time and budget of your wedding. 

You can also choose to get married at home by renting a tent. To get married in your own building, you must prepare or rent a place in advance.

Catering and Decoration Costs

Another wedding budget that must be prepared is catering and decoration. The cost of the wedding catering is cheap, especially the buffet catering offerings with a wide selection of delicious local and international menus. 

Likewise with the choice of decoration, your wedding budget will soar if you choose a luxurious decoration because you can adjust the type of decoration that will be used.

Cost of make-up and wedding dress

The next wedding budget that must be prepared is bridal makeup and wedding clothes with your partner. There is an option to rent a wedding dress or make your own. 

Try ahead of time, start looking for information on makeup services and wedding dress rentals that are suitable and according to your wedding budget.

Invitation and souvenir fees

Invitations and souvenirs are indeed the smallest priority in preparing for a wedding, but these two things must still be prepared in planning the wedding budget. 

In addition to printed invitations, there are now many who provide online invitation services.

Documentation fee

Wedding documentation includes photos and videos. To determine the wedding budget in this case, you can look for packages. 

Generally, several documentation vendors provide complete package options ranging from pre-wedding to wedding events. You can look for references and do price comparison research to find documentation services.

Advantages of Simple Wedding Party

Advantages of Simple Wedding Party
the advantages of a simple wedding party.
By choosing to hold a simple wedding, there are several advantages that you and your partner can get. 

Some of the most important things are that the planning you do does not take too long and you can prepare plans for life after marriage. The following is an explanation of the advantages of a simple wedding party.

The costs incurred are not too big and drain your savings

By organizing a simple wedding party, you can reduce costs. By reducing the number of invited guests, the costs needed for food, souvenirs, and several other things can be reduced.

Planning Won't Take Long

A simple wedding party will certainly make the preparation time you need more effective. In addition to not having many things to prepare instead of choosing to hold a large party, a simple wedding party will also make the intimacy with the invited guests more pronounced.

Reduce Stress

A simple wedding party can reduce your stress and worry levels. This condition occurs because you will not think too much about the big cost and you will feel ready with the invited guests that you have limited in number.

Can save money for household needs

The wedding party has indeed become something important and is a very sacred event, but life after marriage is much more important. There are many needs that must be met after having a family.

By making a simple wedding party, you can save or save the money you have for urgent needs. There are many ways to save money, one of which is saving in a bank.

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