Before Renovating a Home, Pay Attention to These 4 Important Things

 There are many ways to make your dream home a reality. Home renovation can be an interesting way to bring your dream home to your liking. 

Especially if you have lived long enough in the house you are currently occupying. Renovation or renovation of the house is quite necessary so that the age of the dwelling you currently have can last a long time and may also be passed on to the next generation.

Although home renovation can be an alternative in reducing expenses in presenting a dream home, the activity of rearranging the house is also not a cheap thing to do. 

Before Renovating a Home, Pay Attention to These 4 Important Things
Before Renovating a Home, Pay Attention to These 4 Important Things. photo by

Therefore, careful planning needs to be done, especially regarding the budget or budget for the funds needed so that the results of home renovations can be in accordance with what you have wanted so far.

In general, home renovation can be interpreted as a process or activity to repair, rejuvenate, remodel, or improve the structure or shape of the house. 

This is usually realized through a design concept that has been made to suit the needs of the home renovation process. 

Home renovation can also be interpreted as an activity to add space to an existing building or land, such as adding a garage or backyard, as well as a swimming pool.

4 important things to consider before doing home renovations

4 important things to consider before doing home renovations
 important things to consider before doing home renovations
Therefore, home renovation is an alternative that you can choose as a way to bring dreams into reality. However, before starting to renovate a house, here are things you need to pay attention to so that the costs incurred do not swell.

Plan the renovation carefully

Planning is the first step so that every activity or your dream can be carried out properly, even perfectly. Likewise with home renovations. 

For the initial plan, make sure you do a consultation first about the picture of the dream house before doing the house. You can consult with parties who are experts in their fields, such as architects and interior designers. 

This consultation stage is considered necessary so that the picture you have regarding the dream house can be seen concretely, even though it is still in 2D or 3D sketches. 

Also pay attention to the materials that will be used, because these materials have a role in maintaining the condition of the house after renovation so it is more durable. 

Usually you will also be given an estimated cost from experts in the field of home renovation. As a comparison, you can look for other references so that both in terms of home design and costs are in a suitable point.

Prepare a home renovation budget

After getting a fairly clear picture and detailed plan, the next step is to start to make a detailed budget or the budget needed to renovate the house. 

If you use the services of an architect, interior designer, or contractor, usually this house renovation budget plan is already included in the service. 

So at a further consultation period, these experts will provide a budget proposal that explains the details of the costs needed to renovate your dream home. 

In general, the budget that you will have later will contain an explanation of costs using the formula for volume of work x unit price. 

The volume of work is usually calculated in meters (m), square meters (m2), or cubic meters (m3) depending on the area of ​​the building or land to be renovated. Meanwhile, unit price refers to the accumulation of material costs and labor costs.

Know the area of ​​​​the building and land of your house

Knowing that the area of ​​​​the building or land that you own has a big role in managing the costs needed in the home renovation process, it's a good idea to know more details about your home before it is renovated. 

Especially regarding the area of ​​​​the building and land in your home. By knowing more details about the house, you may not need a large house overhaul, such as reconstructing a room from scratch which will also help you cut the cost of house renovation.

Always provide unexpected funds

Even though you have agreed and determined the budget needed to renovate your dream home, keep in mind that you need a backup for the unexpected. 

Unplanned events may arise from changes in the price of home renovation raw materials while in the midst of the renovation process or natural factors that have to delay work so that time and costs must be drained. 

Make sure to prepare unexpected funds of 10 to 20 percent of the main budget budget so that the home renovation process continues smoothly.

Tips for choosing a home renovation contractor

Tips for choosing a home renovation contractor
Tips for choosing a home renovation contractor
In general, surely you and your family have a builder or contractor who has been subscribed for generations, which is usually the main choice in the family for house construction or renovation work.

However, sometimes the plan may not be implemented because the timing of the two parties is not suitable. 

Therefore, you also have to be ready to have other backup contractor contacts who can fill the void and can carry out your dream home renovation according to the timeline you want. For those of you who don't have a backup home renovation contractor, here are tips you can follow.

Neighbors recommendation

In looking for a qualified contractor recommendation to work on a home renovation project, you can start by asking the neighbors around your house first. 

The reason is, this way you can find out in detail about the contractor's work through your neighbor's house. In addition, you can also ask about the labor costs offered from the contractor's recommendations, so that it can be adjusted to the budget you have.

Online recommendations

In this modern era, almost all aspects run digitally and online. Home contractor services are no exception. 

Through the internet there will be many offers that you can find in finding a contractor that fits your home renovation needs. 

You also have the possibility of knowing the track record of the work that has been done by the contractor, starting from the existing portfolio, such as documentation of home renovation projects that have been done or testimonials from past customers.

It is undeniable that costs have a big role in realizing your dream home renovation project. Of course, in needing the appropriate funds, you also need time to collect the funds.

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