Beware of Stupid Investments !

Beware of Stupid Investments
 Beware of Stupid Investments

Investing is the right choice if you want to spin your finances. Investments are made as a form of savings in old age. 

There are two forms of self-investment, investment in financial products and direct business such as investment in shops, offices or property. 

Investments in financial products that are the choice of many people are mutual funds. In investing you must be vigilant, because until now there are still many who are exposed to fraudulent investments.

Stupid investment itself is an investment where you will be asked for a certain amount of money to invest in a product or business, which never really existed. 

The person telling you to do this will take your money away. Therefore you must be vigilant and careful in investing so as not to be exposed to fraudulent investments.

Stupid investments like this usually take advantage of people's ignorance of the investment system by promising to get big profits. So that you avoid fraudulent investments, learn in advance what the characteristics of fraudulent investments are.

The Characteristics of Stupid Investments

Unauthorized/Fake permission

financial services authority
FSA, Financial Services Authority
Usually the legal entity of the fraudulent investment company is not clearly licensed. Therefore, when you make an investment, first make sure in detail about the company whether the company is just a fraudulent investment. 

A financial institution must have an official legal entity from the government as well as have a complete license to circulate in Indonesia and provide financial and investment services. 

Companies in the financial and investment sectors must be officially registered as members of the inancial services authority to verify the security of their transactions.

So, when you are interested in an investment, first make sure the company's membership in the financial services authority. 

If from the start the company's license is not clear and is not officially registered with the financial services authority, you should avoid it, because the investment has great potential and is a fraudulent investment. 

However, sometimes these companies fake their licenses or memberships, so it's better for you to contact financial services authority directly to make sure.

Offers unreasonable advantages

Offers unreasonable advantages
Offers unreasonable advantages
The second characteristic of fraudulent investments is that they usually offer very high and unreasonable amounts of profit. 

For example, you are only asked to invest 5 million rupiah. After that, you will get a profit of 100 million rupiah in just 2 months without the need to do anything. 

This fraudulent investment approach often occurs because many people do not think clearly when they are tempted to make big profits with a fixed period of time and fixed profit results.

What you need to know, investment itself is volatile, meaning it can change according to economic conditions. So, when the economy is good you can get high profits. 

But if the economy is not good, the results will not be good either. Due to its fluctuating nature, investment also has risks. 

When a company or agent dares to offer you a risk-free investment, you can be sure that it is a fraudulent investment.

Can stop at any time

Investment scams will usually say that you can stop investing at any time Can stop at any time
Investment scams will usually say that you can stop investing at any time
Investment scams will usually say that you can stop investing at any time and take profits when you stop. You will be tempted by the convenience that really spoils you as an investor. 

Of course this is not true, because the investment process has a certain period of time. If there is an agent or company that offers this, you can be sure that this is a bogus investment.

When you want to invest, you should consult with parties who understand investment. You also make sure beforehand whether the investment service provider business entity is legal, both in terms of what kind of licensing and membership has been registered and supervised by the financial services authority in your country. 

That way you can avoid fraudulent investments. Do not easily believe in investment advertisements on the internet, find out in advance or ask and learn about the investment schemes offered to you. 

Usually bogus investments are not transparent in providing detailed investment schemes.

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