Chainmonsters Game, Earning money from a blockchain-powered game

Make money game from a blockchain-powered game

Earning money from a blockchain-powered game is a difficult proposition for a game designer to take on, because making things too simple will destroy the game's economy. Furthermore, free-to-play gamers should not feel left out. Bside Games stated in the development update that gamers will need to spend 'enough time' in the game to earn something. It will most likely be difficult to earn... but anyone who has played Vanilla WoW knows what grinding is.
Chainmonsters Game, Earning money from a blockchain-powered game
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Players can always earn in-game currency through gameplay. This currency does not exist on the blockchain and will allow players to purchase a set number of resources per week or month. In addition to the in-game currency, there is a Premium Currency. To unlock the Season Pass or other time-limited drops and bundles, players will need to purchase this currency using, for example, Apple Pay.

This means that Chainmonsters' game economy is not based on crypto, but only on NFTs. Some NFTs can be consumed, while others can be collected. These NFTs can enhance Chainmonsters with a variety of gameplay mechanics and game systems. The Beta Season Pass, for example, includes 25 NFTs and 75 additional in-game rewards such as resources, currency, and materials.

Not all monsters are NFTs.

Although players can catch hundreds of Chainmons, not every Mon is present on the blockchain. Every Season Pass will include Mint Tokens, according to Bside Games. These are consumables that enable owners to mint a captured Chainmon on the blockchain. The system generates an NFT on the Flow blockchain when the Mint Token is burned. These Mint Tokens do not yet have any functionality, but this will change with the beta test's first major content update.

Gemstones, flowers, materials, and Chip Dollars are among the resources that players can use to upgrade their Chainmons. In the game world, players can find common and rare gemstones, which can then be upgraded to epic or legendary ones. These improved versions are NFTs by default, allowing players to sell, use, or trade the NFT gemstone. Similarly, rewards from boss challenges and dungeons come in four rarities, with only epic and legendary ones being NFTs.

Yes, players can earn money in Chainmonsters. However, if you want to earn a lot of money, you should probably invest some money as well. Fortunately, players who simply want to have fun will be pleased to learn that they can earn money while having fun in the world of Chainmonsters.

Looking to make an investment? Excellent timing!

If you're interested in Chainmonsters, now might be a good time to invest in the game. Chainmonsters will hold its Genesis sale on Tuesday. Bside Games will sell three bundles for $80, $160, and $450. Each of these grants players access to the Beta and includes 25 exclusive NFTs as well as some NFTs that are only available during this presale.

The most expensive Legendary Bundle includes one of 1.000 Amber Chainmons, which will never be produced again, making them nearly as rare as the Chrystal ones.

What is  Chainmonsters ?

Chainmonsters Game Online Free
Chainmonsters Game Online Free

 Chainmonsters is a thrilling cross-platform multiplayer online game in which you can battle, trade, and capture digital monsters in a massive multiplayer open-world environment.

The game combines traditional gaming elements with new features made possible by the integration with the Flow blockchain. All NFTs are solely owned and controlled by users.

The game's creators chose Flow because they believe it is the future of apps and games. The core design principles of Flow are both consumer-centric and developer-friendly. They have made this blockchain network highly scalable and a preferred platform for global brands such as the UFC, Warner Music Group, Dr. Seuss, the NBA, and Ubisoft.

Chainmonsters aims to form long-term partnerships and to build a large-scale player-driven economy. The game is still in Beta as of January 2022, and only wallets with a valid Access token can access it.

While on an epic journey, players are constantly connected to blockchain. The Flow blockchain contains every digital asset and Chainmonster.

There are 135 different Chainmons to catch in the game, each with a unique set of abilities. Their individual characteristics determine their strength. The number of players who capture a Chainmon determines its serial number. It is also available in three different visual variants:

  • Crystal
  • Normal 
  • Shadow

There will be 600 Crystal Chainmons in the game, making them rare and sought-after collectible NFTs.

Digital items in-game, such as outfits, can be tokenized and attached to or traded with Chainmons.

Investigate Ancora

Explore a beautifully handcrafted 3D world,
a beautifully handcrafted 3D world

Explore a beautifully handcrafted 3D world, assemble a squad of Chainmons, and engage in exciting battles with other players. Climb the leaderboards to win exclusive prizes.

Collect 161 different creatures.

161 different creatures
Chainmonsters game - Collect 161 unique creatures

161 distinct creatures await your discovery, each with their own set of strengths, traits, and abilities! New Chainmons are constantly revealed to shake up the meta!


There is no need for a subscription or purchase! Earn free reward tiers by playing the entire game.

Economy based on players

Economy based on players
Chainmonsters Game - Player-driven economy

Find and earn resources, level up your Chainmons, and turn scarce materials into NFTs! The entire economy is driven by the player via various gameplay systems.

How to Begin Playing Chainmonsters

Users must do the following to register in the game:
go to the official website; click on "Play Now"; 

Register with your email address;
How to Begin Playing Chainmonsters

Fill in the required information to create your account.
Register your account by filling in information requested.
Register your account by filling in information requested.
Confirm receipt of the registration confirmation email.
Within 10 minutes, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. You must complete this before proceeding.

Log in to your newly created account.
Log in to your newly created account.

click on "Marketplace"; click on "Connect wallet"; 
connect wallet
create a Blocto wallet; buy FUSD tokens and send them to your Blocto wallet; purchase Closed Beta Access.
Please enter your email address. (Don't worry if you haven't created a Blocto account yet; if you're new to Blocto, it will automatically register you!)
create a Blocto wallet; buy FUSD tokens and send them to your Blocto wallet; purchase Closed Beta Access.
Click "register" or "login," then enter the 6-digit code sent to your email address.
6 digit code that will be sent to your email address
Once finished, sign in again.
completed, confirm your sign in

How to Make Money in Chainmonsters

Players can breed new NFTs from two Chain Monsters and trade them in the Marketplace.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for a device?

Chainmonsters is still in early stages of development, and some aspects, such as hardware requirements, may change in the future. We anticipate the following minimum and recommended hardware requirements during full launch.
While you may be able to download and play the game on a device that is less than the minimum/recommended at the time, there is no guarantee that it will continue to run in the future because it is not supported.

minimum hardware requirements


minimum hardware requirements

minimum hardware requirements

minimum hardware requirements

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