Want Renovation? Try These 5 Luxury Home Design Trends!

 Luxury homes not only offer an increase in resale value, but also introduce new design trends that are evolving to meet the dynamic needs of their owners. Luxury home designs that have developed in Indonesia in the past few years are no longer only owned by certain groups of people. The design of luxury homes now also plays a role in increasing the social status of the Indonesian people at large which can open up opportunities to improve financial conditions.

Luxury Home Design Trends

In designing luxury homes today, splendor is not one aspect that is the focus of a design. With existing trends such as minimalist home designs, Scandinavian, to modern tropical houses, it can be applied to various types of building land. 

Of course, in the process of designing a home, it is also necessary to pay attention to the conditions in the surrounding environment so that the design of your dream home can be harmonious and functional. 

This was successfully applied, because the architects were tasked with providing solutions in presenting a comfortable dwelling and also having the aesthetics of a luxurious house in the eyes of the owners.

Popular luxury home design trends

In applying a luxury home with a design according to trends, of course you need a large amount of funds. But in overcoming this, you can renovate little by little first. 

Of course, with an understanding of design trends that are aligned to have a clear concept. For those of you who are curious, what luxury home design trends are currently developing in Indonesia, here are some home designs that can also be your inspiration in realizing your dream dwelling.

Minimalist luxury house

Minimalist luxury house
Minimalist luxury house
It is undeniable that minimalist luxury home designs are still one of the design trends that are quite popular with many Indonesian people. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to already own a house with a design application like this. 

Based on its name, a minimalist-style house is able to present aesthetic value through simple designs and shapes that are applied to home designs. One aspect or design touch that stands out from this minimalist-style house is the presence of firm straight lines. 

Maybe for people who don't like this one design style, they will think that the house looks stiff.

However, actually these straight lines are useful to emphasize the structure of a luxury house while providing a wider appearance. If you go into the realm of interior, this minimalist-style house design is quite rarely given a bulkhead or partition wall. 

This is done so that the owners can feel the feel of a wider house and also maximize the space for the various needs of the owner's activities.

Modern tropical luxury house

Modern tropical luxury house
Modern tropical luxury house
In addition to minimalist-style luxury home designs, another design trend that is quite popular in Indonesia is the modern tropical house. 

This modern tropical house design is considered suitable to be one of the dream residential designs in Indonesia. As you know, Indonesia is one of the tropical countries in the world. 

Modern tropical residential designs are able to present a luxurious impression thanks to the use of wood materials that dominate all building elements.

But you need to know, the use of wood material is not just a function to present a unique impression from other types of buildings. 

One of the designs of this luxury house also serves to make the building structure of the residence not exposed to the extreme heat that can be found in tropical countries like Indonesia. 

With these wood elements, the interior of this modern tropical house design can also be well maintained because of the regular humidity level of the room.

Modern tropical-style house designs are also generally equipped with large window applications. Not only useful for providing access to natural sunlight into the house, this large window also aims to regulate air circulation so that residents can feel comfortable without the help of air conditioning or air conditioning that is used excessively.

Industrialist luxury house

Industrialist luxury house
Industrialist luxury house
Currently, the industrialist design trend is also developing quite well in Indonesia. This design style has recently been popularized quite often through cafe architecture. 

However, it is not uncommon for people to start applying this design into the desired luxury home design. 

One element that stands out from the design of this industrialist-style house is the use of exposed concrete on the exterior and interior of the house. The touch of a simple design in the style of this luxury home was able to attract a lot of attention.

The simple impression that is present in the design of this industrial-style house is also equipped with natural elements, such as wood and metal that are embedded without excessive finishing processes. 

Not only that, the building structure of one of these luxury home designs also looks asymmetrical, so that from every point of view it offers its own uniqueness. 

The house design that is becoming a trend on this one also usually has the appearance of a sleek building structure and is a building solution on limited land.

Scandinavian luxury house

Scandinavian luxury house
Scandinavian luxury house
One of these luxury home design trends is often juxtaposed with a minimalist design style. However, you need to understand that generally Scandinavian house designs are more often used for interior style needs. 

The style and concept of the interior design of this Scandinavian house is based on the movement as well as the development of a design in the Scandinavian country in the 1950s.

This luxury home design style is synonymous with the presence of simple-style furniture equipped with seamless design lines that are able to present a unique impression without reducing the luxury aspect of the dream home interior. 

Usually, this Scandinavian-style home interior is used as a solution to overcome the narrow space in the house with the presence of multifunctional furniture or interior elements. 

This is based on the design philosophy, form follow function, which ensures the form of a design element must be able to function properly and optimally.

Japanese luxury house

Japanese luxury house
Japanese luxury house
In addition, some time back, the design of luxury homes in Japan has attracted the attention of interior design connoisseurs. 

The reason is, the design of this one house is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles. One of the hallmarks of Japanese interior design is simplicity. 

Through the arrangement and selection of furniture forms, Japandi home design tries to present an elegant impression through simplicity. This is based on the wabi-sabi philosophy used by many interior designers when designing Japanese-style residences. 

Wabi-sabi is a design philosophy that developed in Japan which means appreciating beauty in imperfection. Not only luxurious, the house with this one design is also considered to have a unique appearance thanks to the embedding of this philosophy.

To be able to realize having a luxury home with the design choices above, you don't need to worry. Currently, many housing developers have started to build units with modern designs. 

However, if you are not interested in buying a new home, you can also do renovations, both specifically for the interior and overall to bring the dream of a luxury home that fits the trend into reality.

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