What is a Good Investment Goal?

What is investment ?

What is a Good Investment Goal
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Investment is an activity to save or place funds for a certain period in the hope that the deposit will generate profits or increase the value of the investment. 

A person who invests is called an investor or investor. Investment is closely related to business, but beyond that there are many investments that are not tied to business. 

There are many non-business investments that have recently been in demand by the public with the aim of increasing the value of their assets.

The purpose of investing is not to make an investor get rich quick, however investment must be undertaken with patience, strong commitment and staying calm when the market fluctuates. But that doesn't mean you can't invest in the short term. 

There are many short-term investments that are equally as profitable as long-term investments.

Short Term Investment and Long Term Investment

Short Term Investment and Long Term Investment
Short Term Investment and Long Term Investment

Short Term Investment

If defined short-term investment is an investment that is usually less than three years which you can then convert for money or sell. Examples are short-term bonds, certificates of deposit, the stock market.

Long term investment

Long-term investments are investments that take more than three years. Long-term investment is perfect for those of you who want to save for a long-term goal, for example marriage, retirement and education costs. When you decide to take a long-term investment make sure not to take funds before three years. An example of an aggressive long-term mutual fund investment with a high return value.

Investment Purpose

Investment Purpose
Investment Purpose
From the previous explanation, there are many investment objectives that motivate investors to invest. The following investment objectives include:

Earn Fixed Income

The investment objective to earn a steady income is usually applied by those who invest in a company. For example, you invest in a fast food processing company. 

From the sales, you are entitled to a percentage of the profit each month. The percentage of profit will be different, depending on the agreement between the company and the investor.

Developing Business

In addition to getting a steady income and profits, investing can also develop the business you are currently living. The return on investment earned can be an injection of capital for your business.

Guarantee In Business

If you invest in a raw material supplier for the business you are running, chances are that the company will not experience a shortage of raw material supply. In addition, the price of your product will be able to compete in the market because you get cheaper raw materials with good quality.

Investment Benefits

Investment Benefits
Investment Benefits
In addition to the investment objectives described earlier, investing also has many benefits for you as an investor. Many people start investing to make a profit and expand the business.

Increase Assets

For example, if someone buys land for investment purposes and then sells it a few years later at a higher price. Then the value of assets in the form of land has increased. 

However, an increase in asset value is not obtained in a short time, it takes a long time and patience.

Meeting Future Needs Investing today aims to support and support life in the future. For example, you invest in gold for future education funds

Thrifty Lifestyle

With investment, someone will try to live frugally to keep investing, in the end that person will avoid buying things that are not important and are more economical.

Avoiding Debt

With a simple lifestyle, one will avoid debt. People who have an investment commitment will avoid debt and prefer to live frugally to improve economic conditions.

Investment Form

In general, the purpose of investment is to develop assets, investment is divided into two forms, namely investment in real assets and investment in financial assets. Here's an explanation of both.

  • Real Asset Investment : an investment made by a person in a visible or invisible form. For example, investment in gold, property, land, precious metals and others.
  • Financial Asset Investment : investments made by investors in the form of securities. Examples are stocks and deposits.

Types of Investment

types of Benefits
Types of Benefits


Time deposits or investment is one type of investment that is in great demand because the method is very easy and uncomplicated. If you save a certain amount and time, you will earn interest. 

The advantage of deposits is that the rate of return of money is fixed, the promised interest is even more certain. Unfortunately you cannot withdraw money before reaching the agreed time period.


In addition to deposits, stocks are also one of the most popular types of investments. Technically speaking, you will buy shares on the stock exchange. After that you will get a percentage of ownership rights of a company.

The greater the percentage of shares owned, the stronger your power in the company. The advantages of investing in stocks consist of two forms, namely profits from capital gains and dividends. 

Capital gain gains can be monitored every minute, hour, and day. At any time the price of a company's share certificates can change at any time. An example of profit comes from dividends, namely, the amount of profit obtained is based on the distribution of company profits. Profit sharing is adjusted to the percentage of your share ownership.

In contrast to deposits, investments in the form of shares have uncertain profits. However, you will benefit greatly if the company you are investing in is growing.


Cryptocurrencies or types of investments in digital currencies are indeed quite popular. How not, bitcoin currency in recent years has increased very rapidly. 

These fantastic numbers make digital money investments become much in demand. Digital money does not have a physical form, but you can look for it in rupiah or dollars. While tempting, it is not easy for someone to mine bitcoins. 

You should also pay attention to the growing cryptocurrency market sentiment because the level of fluctuation of this currency is very volatile against real currencies.


Bonds are a type of investment that is almost similar to stocks. The difference is that the results obtained are more dynamic, the amount of money you get tends to be more certain. For example, you buy debt securities for $5,000,000 for a period of 10 years with 10% interest. 

However, before that period is over, you can withdraw the money with an adjusted interest rate. You can buy bonds issued by the government. The reason is because the government has a smaller default risk compared to corporate bonds.


Gold is one of the most popular real or physical investments. Gold is an attractive option because it has a fairly low risk. Gold has a stable value and always rises every year. If you want to invest in gold, you should choose gold bars. 

The price of gold bars is different from gold jewelry. The value and price of this gold bar is pure gold without any mixture like gold jewelry. However, if you invest in gold then you have to prepare a special place. Gold investment is one of the physical investments that the risk of loss is quite large. 

Now there are many gold investment applications in Indonesia, to make it safer to use gold storage applications.


Property investment is one kind of physical investment other than gold. These investments have tangible physical objects. Property investment is very profitable because the price continues to increase every year. 

There are many ways to invest in property, the simplest of which is to buy land and then build property on it. After that you can sell it at a higher price. 

The risk of property investment is in consideration of building damage. Even though the risk is low, property is an asset that can be damaged in a disaster. You have to take care of it to keep the resale value high.

Mutual Fund

The next type of investment is mutual funds. Mutual funds are investments where funds are collected from several investors into one and then invested in various types of capital markets. 

Mutual funds are divided into 5 types, namely money market mutual funds, equity mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds, mixed mutual funds and index mutual funds.

Each mutual fund has different risks. You can choose a mutual fund that suits your risk profile.

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