6 Short inspirational stories to make your spirit creative.

 Short Inspirational Stories

One way to get motivated is to read other people's inspiring stories. These stories can be said to be owned by only a few people. But if you have success in the right way and are able to become one of the people who can inspire the environment and even the world,

Short Inspirational Stories
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Then the story that you have will be able to be used as an example for others. Achieving success does take time and even a lot of struggle. Appreciating every process, being patient, and never giving up are some of the keys to being successful.

But not everyone is able to have some of these keys. Therefore, it is better to instill positive thoughts if success does require hard work, patience, and never giving up.

So that you will find out what other people's inspirational stories can be used as motivation and enthusiasm for life. Here is the full review.

6 Short Inspirational Stories

1. Full of Hard Work and Never Giving Up Until KFC was formed

KFC short story
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The first story comes from a fast food restaurant that you could easily find until now, namely KFC. Behind the success of KFC so far is a story that can inspire us all.

Fast food restaurants like KFC wouldn't exist if Colonel Sanders had given up on his life. Yes, Colonel Sanders is the one who invented KFC's crispy fried chicken recipe that you can easily enjoy until now.

In 1955, there was a retired army man living on his pension. However, with the retirement money earned by Colonel Sanders, it will not be enough for everyday life.

Colonel Sanders began to wonder if there was anything that could be sold without spending a small amount of capital, even for free. Then Colonel Sanders' friend said that he had a recipe for fried chicken that was so delicious when enjoyed.

Then Colonel Sanders started his first step by leaving his house and began to offer the recipe he had. In the course of business, offering fried chicken recipes owned by Colonel Sanders, it is not always easy without obstacles.

Many restaurants reject it, there are even around 1009 restaurants reject Colonel Sanders' fried chicken recipe. Many restaurant owners made scathing comments about Colonel Sanders regarding the uploaded recipe.

They commented that Colonel Sanders' recipe was as easy to make as mixing chicken with flour and salt. Restaurant owners who reject Colonel Sanders' fried chicken recipe also say that fried chicken can be made by everyone.

Despite gaining the advantage, getting Colonel Sanders to give up so easily was so easy that one restaurant gave him a chance. Since then, Colonel Sanders' fried chicken is more widely known even today.

The message from Colonel Sanders' story is that never giving up and always trying with confidence is the key. Everything will find a way if we try, never give up, believe and pray. But all will stop. There will be no way out if we give up on the situation.

Colonel Sanders' tenacity is commendable. although they were not born into a business family or have business skills. With the right spirit and strategy, KFC can be big like this. Grameds can take a look at these tips for going crazy but reaping success at "Bego but Bejo, Crazy Books for Business Success without a Diploma," which describes business planning tips for making SOP sheets for employees.

2. A Leap That Changed Everything

A grasshopper had been in the box
It is said that there is a box, and it turns out that in it there is a grasshopper. It turned out that the grasshopper had been in the box for such a long time.

One day, the grasshopper had managed to get out. Because it's out of this safe box that's locking him up. The grasshopper was full of happiness; what he had been waiting for had finally come true.

Happiness that can be enjoyed can be expressed through a leap that looks here. Until one day, he encountered another swarm of grasshoppers. Where the grasshopper he met was able to make a much higher and longer jump.

The grasshopper who used to be in the box wondered what the secret was behind the high and long jumps of the other grasshoppers. With great curiosity, finally the grasshopper that was in the box asked the other herd.

"What can be seen higher and further than me, if the age and size of our bodies remain the same, what's the secret?" curiously asked the grasshopper. With these words, the other locusts were astonished and began to answer them.

"Where have you been all this time? It's only natural that grasshoppers in the wild can do what I'm doing," answered the grasshopper with a long jump earlier. Instantly, the answer made the grasshopper that was freed from the box happy.

He felt that he had given up on the situation for too long, wasted time, was not confident and was afraid to try.

Did you know that the condition of the grasshopper in the box is also often experienced by us? We often experience failure, speech, ridicule, being without the support of others, and much more. We often limit ourselves and do not dare to try because there is no outside support.

We get too hung up on what other people say and start to change our mindset as if what we haven't tried is bound to get a bad result. So when there are other people, we can start to wonder what the secret is.

Even though courage, unyielding, patience, and enthusiasm under any circumstances are some of the factors that can make us closer to the gate of success, you know. Let's change our mindset to be bolder in taking the first step closer to success.

So don't be afraid to take risks. Sometimes, if we don't try, we don't know the result. As written by Nicholas Marpaung in the book "Deer Jumps Jumping Higher". This book explains that we must have the courage to "burst" and not be picky in our work in order to achieve the expected success.

3. "Kindness"

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One day, it was told that there was a house in the middle of the forest inhabited by a mother and child. The mother's child is still relatively young. The next time the child is in the yard playing,

At the same time, a deer came. The deer tried to put its horns into the little boy's clothes. so that the little child is like being lifted on a deer's antler. Immediately, the child was afraid of the deer and cried while shouting for his mother.

Reflexively, the mother came out of the house and began to see what was happening. Unexpectedly, the child had been carried away into the forest by the deer. The mother tried her best to chase the deer into the forest.

But when he got to the forest, the little boy that the deer brought was already in the wide grass area and playing as usual. The mother was so happy to have found her child and started holding her child.

They returned to their home. But what happened? It turned out that the house had been hit by a large tree. Of course, the condition of the house becomes shattered. The mother started to think if she was still inside without chasing the child, what would have happened to her?

Instantly, he remembered that several years earlier he had saved a fawn from a hunter. The mother covered the fawn with various kinds of cloth so as not to be caught by the hunters. When the hunters were gone, the mother took the cloth covering the deer and started releasing the deer into the forest.

Unexpectedly, the deer that brought his cub was the deer he had saved first. It was as if the fawn was trying to thank its mother by taking its cub to run into the forest to save the mother's family from a fallen tree hatman.

From this incident, the mother said to the child that if we help all of God's creatures, no matter how small, they will turn to us.

From this little story, we can also learn how important it is to help God's creatures, regardless of anything. Because all the seeds of goodness that we sow later will be reaped in the future.

If we don't reap, maybe it will be our children and grandchildren who will reap. Nothing to lose to help God's creation. 

4. Don't Waste Your Time Complaining

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In a village, there lived a scholar, and every day the scholar received complaints from many villagers. This continues over and over again to make scholars take action.

He began to gather all the villagers and tell a joke. Everyone was laughing at the joke that the scholar had brought. On the second day, the scholars again gathered the villagers.

The scholar was still telling the same jokes, with the end result that the villagers burst into laughter. The next day, the scholar returns to tell the same joke. However, the response given by the villagers was slightly different from the previous two days.

One of the villagers started asking why the scholar was reading the same joke. They get tired of the same jokes that the scholar reads.

The scholar also answered with a few sentences, "if at the same joke you can get bored and can't laugh again, why with the same problem can still make you cry?"

This means that the villagers think too much about one problem in their lives without looking for a solution. All they do is complain, complain, complain without any action.

Without realizing it, we are often like villagers who like to complain about the problems they are facing. In fact, we often focus on problems rather than how to solve them.

This is what keeps us in the same position. If possible, we dare to try to solve the problem. Then maybe the habit of complaining is not in us.

Let's start from now on by trying to find more ways to get out of the problem than to spin around with the problems that are being experienced and not think about how to solve them.

5. Butterfly cocoons with small slits

Butterfly cocoons with small slits
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One day, a man found a butterfly cocoon. He then took it home to see how the butterfly was developing in the cocoon. After some time, the cocoons began to show gaps.

After some time, the butterfly in the cocoon begins to slowly release its wings. But who would have thought that in the process, the butterfly began to experience problems, namely its wings were caught because the gaps in the cocoons were only small?

The man who was watching the butterfly's development began to try to help him. He took action to widen the gap in the village. As a result, the butterfly was able to get out without any problems.

But unexpectedly, a new problem came back to the butterfly. The wings that the butterfly uses have become weak and cannot flap. It turned out that the error occurred when the male began to make a larger gap in the cocoon.

Who would have thought that the process of obstacles experienced by butterflies when removing their wings was one of God's ways of allowing fluid to flow from the body to the wings?

When viewed from the butterfly side, we can also get a moral message that whatever problems or challenges we are facing, we should solve them with personal energy. It's true that sometimes there are people with good intentions who want to help.

Just accept their help without being disappointed, but also remember that you are the one who can solve the problem. The help of others is only a small encouragement that will strengthen your steps.

But still, it all comes back to you. Behind every obstacle, there must be a way out. Of course, every obstacle or problem can also provide learning, experience, and courage.

6. Learning From the Nail Hole

Learning From the Nail Hole
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The next inspirational story is about a child who has a very bad temper. Then he was given a pack of nails by his father. The father said if the child was angry, he should hit the nails into the fence.

The first day, he drove 37 nails. However, as time went on, the number of nails he put into the fence began to decrease. Until one day, he managed not to drive a nail into the fence.

The success he had was told to his father. The father began to give orders again to remove all the nails that he had stuck in the fence earlier. Then, when the child had finished his task, he returned to tell his father.

Then his father took him outside to look at the fence and said, "Good boy, you have done your job well." You've managed to control your anger too. But what about the fence? There is still a hole left from the nail. " Ask the father about the son.

Then the father began to give a brief explanation by saying, "This nail hole is like the anger you throw at others." Maybe you managed to apologize to him and won't do it again. But will the wounds they receive be healed quickly? " "Said the father."

From this story, we can learn that words and actions based on anger will only give scars to others. even though they apologize to us when we apologize.

But can we guarantee that the wounds they feel from the words or actions we do out of anger can heal? Maybe not. Not how they give forgiveness to us.

But how do we control our emotions so we don't hurt other people? Maybe the tongue is one part of the body that doesn't kill other people. However, the words that come out of our mouths are sometimes one of the weapons that hurt others without us realizing it.

Therefore, controlling emotions is the key to not hurting those around us. All need stages, but if we try, of course, the results of controlling emotions in ourselves will also be easier to achieve.

That's a short inspirational story. Hopefully it can bring the spirit of life to all of you who read it.

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