7 Unique Approaches To Generating Pest Control Leads

 7 unique approaches to generating pest control leads

How to generate leads for pest control

One of the most significant advantages of starting a pest control business is knowing that your services are required no matter where you are. Cockroaches alone affect citizens in every state in the United States. However, providing a necessary service does not guarantee pest control leads. Even if you are the only pest control firm in your area, you will face competition from DIY pest control products available at local retailers.

Fortunately, obtaining new leads does not have to be expensive. You don't have to (and shouldn't) spend money on expensive lead generation services-in fact, you might receive greater results if you don't. 

With these seven tips, you can generate high-quality leads that are relevant to your target demographic, lowering your cost per lead.

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 7 Unique Approaches To Generating Pest Control Leads

Important takeaways

  • Partner with businesses and meet with consumers in person to generate high-quality leads for your pest control company.
  • Make branding a priority in order to organically establish trust. 5-star ratings
  • Invest in web advertising to boost your pest control lead production.

How to get pest control leads

1. Make contact with potential customers.

Even if you're an exterminator, every firm is a relationship-driven business. When it comes to generating new leads, networking is an essential marketing tactic that may assist you in establishing a solid connection with possible clients and collecting their contact information.

It's easy to get started. You can visit online and offline events that your prospective consumers may be attending, such as home and garden shows for residential pest treatment firms, and bring your business cards with you.

Alternatively, you can contact members of your target audience directly through local Facebook Groups. When you come across interesting leads, request a video call. Face-to-face networking can increase your chances of receiving an enthusiastic "yes."

No matter how you engage with customers, properly networking for lead creation necessitates the following two guidelines:

Engage in honest dialogues. Nobody wants to have a conversation with a salesperson or a robot. Discuss subjects other than your employees, and listen more than you speak.

Following up. Use the phone numbers and emails you successfully collected by following up-ideally two days after your initial encounter.

2. Make contact with local businesses.

You are not required to network primarily with customers. Connecting with other business owners who use similar strategies to you might be beneficial as well.

You can agree to solely recommend leads to each other when you join firms that have a similar target demographic. This implies you can acquire a referral from a company that your potential lead already knows and trusts.

This is especially successful if you collaborate with companies that provide complimentary services to yours. A landscaping company, for example, maybe an excellent partner for a pest control company that provides termite treatments, but a furniture store may be a good partner for a bed bug exterminator.

3. Differentiate yourself by branding yourself.

Make sure your branding is constant while you actively generate leads from any source-in-person networking, local partnerships, digital marketing, etc. Branding can help you develop trust and differentiate yourself from the competition in the pest control market.

Your logo, colors, and fonts are examples of visual branding. Whether your audience interacts with you through your website, social media pages, or another channel, these aspects should remain consistent to provide a consistent experience and make your brand readily identifiable.

Branding extends well beyond appearances. It may also comprise factors such as your company's values and brand voice.

Team members in any area that interacts with customers, including marketing and customer service, should be trained to uphold these aspects of your brand. 

If "compassion" is one of your values, your team should understand what it means to be compassionate while interacting with present and prospective consumers.

4. Make an investment in web advertising.

One of the most efficient pest control lead-generation strategies is online advertising. Ads elevate your content to prominent positions on a specific website, such as the above search results on Yelp or within your target audience's Facebook feed, so that your ideal customers may find you.

Digital adverts are also frequently the least expensive kind of advertising. Whether you're running search engine ads, social media ads, or Yelp Ads, you can configure your ad to appear just for the most relevant terms and audience members while paying a low cost per click. You can also specify your maximum budget and the duration of the ad campaign.

Whereas unpaid marketing on these networks (such as typical LinkedIn or Facebook postings) can take a substantial amount of time to reach and acquire 100 new leads, advertising can let you potentially make that amount within a week.

5. Build landing pages for your website.

Landing pages are another effective internet marketing strategy that can significantly increase your pest control lead generation. A landing page isn't normally displayed in your navigation. 

Rather, it is intended to convert visitors who arrive via advertisements or search engine results pages into leads.

When you have 10-15 landing pages, you may enhance your lead acquisition rate by 55%. If you have more than 40, that number increases by 500%. Landing pages efficiently compel visitors to take action on your website.

So, what should a landing page include? To begin, it should provide visitors with an easy option to input their contact information, such as a form at the bottom of the page. Your landing pages should also have a clear call to action (CTA), such as "request a free inspection" or "get a quote."

Keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind when building landing pages. Each of your landing pages should target certain keywords such as "ant control" or "termite prevention" for your page to rank well on search engines and so provide you with as many pest control leads as possible.

To achieve the best results, keep each landing page focused on providing a specific solution rather than attempting to advertise pest management as a whole.

6. Inform customers about social media.

Too frequently, property owners do not seek pest control services until they are amid an infestation. You may change this (and gain more pest control leads) by posting on social media about the significance of year-round treatments. You could:
  • Create infographics to help clients understand how an infestation grows quietly.
  • Post photographs of different species of pests' symptoms.
  • Do a Facebook Live to answer pest control queries in real-time.
This is also an excellent content marketing strategy for providing value and positioning oneself as an industry expert, demonstrating to buyers why they should choose your company.

7. Request references.

Finally, remember to make an inquiry. Many of your customers are certainly willing to supply referrals or testimonials to assist you in obtaining pest control leads; all they need is a little encouragement.

Your top priority should be referrals. A referral is when a customer refers someone to your company. These personal recommendations are valuable since word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies available. 

In exchange for successful referrals, provide an enticing incentive, such as a gift card or a pest treatment discount.

Increase the number of pest control leads for your company.

There is no need to invest in costly (and frequently overpriced) lead generation firms to build your business. When you take charge of pest control lead generation, you may acquire higher quality leads while spending less money on internet marketing.

You can establish a continuous flow of leads for your pest control firm by focusing on networking, branding, and online channels and by not being hesitant to ask for references. Next, learn more about the different sorts of digital advertising you may use to boost your success.
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