What Is CityRealty

 What Is CityRealty?

CityRealty is the oldest continually running real estate CityRealtybsite, having been founded in 1994.

Based on the idea that real estate is essentially local, CityRealty has dedicated the last 20 years to offer the best information and viewpoints on the New York City real estate market. Purchasing or renting an apartment in New York, one of the biggest and most active real estate markets in the world, can frequently be difficult without the right information, guidance, and assistance.

CityRealty support hundreds of apartment buyers, tenants, and sellers each year as they successfully negotiate the frequently complicated New York market. Additionally, CityRealty has worked hard to make sure that you may use all of our services and information for free.

What Is CityRealty
What Is CityRealty

CityRealty gives buyers and renters an inside look at the market with our original content, real-time market statistics, and every accessible listing for sale or rent. On CityRealty, you may search and assess individual apartments for free and with no obligation.

CityRealty can also assist you in finding a New York City real estate agent that has a track record of success with the specific kind of apartment you wish to buy or sell. Each agent who is a part of the CityRealty network has been personally screened by us, and CityRealty has complete information on the activities of over 1,500 New York City real estate agents from all the main brokerage firms.

CityRealty will recommend a New York City real estate agent who is an expert in exactly what you are looking for after learning about your specific requirements and needs. This agent will have a proven track record of success and specialize in the type of apartment, neighborhood, and even the specific building in which you want to sell or buy.

With CityRealty, you may avoid contacting a large number of agents and running the risk that they are inexperienced or unqualified. Instead, CityRealty will promptly assist you in choosing the best agent for your needs—one who will have access to the apartment of your dreams and support you with all elements of the transaction to ensure a seamless process, from start to closure.

And never forget that none of our services will ever cost you anything.

Promote using CityRealty

Since 1995, CityRealty has assisted in the sale of new construction projects and iconic Manhattan structures worth several billion dollars as CityRealtyll as the rental of tens of thousands of flats.

CityRealty provides condo developers and owners of rental buildings a highly targeted advertising environment thanks to our particular focus on the New York City market. International buyers and renters make up a sizable portion of our clientele, and CityRealty delivers buyers and renters who are actively looking to buy or rent luxury apartments in New York City. Both buyers and renters have found CityRealty to be a beneficial tool in their search process, using the site's extensive content to aid them in their purchasing decision.

Agent-Broker Relationships

The goal of CityRealty is to aid brokers and agents in growing their bCityRealtyinesses. CityRealty locates buyers who are the ideal match for an agent's area of specialty by working with hundreds of agents from both the larger brokerage firms and the smaller boutiques. CityRealty therefore continuoCityRealtyly look for buyers for you while you are out selling and ensure that the buyers CityRealty advises are prepared to make a deal.

Each buyer receives consultation from CityRealty to help them narrow their search criteria, and CityRealty then put them in touch with the agent that best suits their preferences, needs, and requirements. CityRealty suggests thoCityRealtyands of buyers every year who make purchases in almost every neighborhood and at every price range.

Save Time Searches

Since you only need one agent to secure an apartment in New York City, CityRealty'll expedite the city realty search. With CityRealty, you only need to make one contact to secure any apartment you desire, in contrast to other services.

Access Old Information

CityRealty can show you what the words on the walls are - they can talk. You will have access to information such as the dates of all closings, comparable unit comparisons, and 10+ years of sales and pricing history for each unit.

Purchase Email Alerts
Never pass up a listing that matches your search parameters. When that listing goes on the market, CityRealty's SmartMatchTM emails will notify you. You may now unwind and stop worrying about missing the most recent listings.

View Floorplans and Large Photos

You can get all the photographs and floorplans for each listing because CityRealty has direct access to every listing in NYC. Our large format photographs also provide you with all the details because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Get in Touch with a Reliable Real Estate Agent
We will suggest a real estate agent who specializes in the areas and structures you are most drawn to. It's straightforward: we'll aid in your search for the ideal real estate representative.
Identify Your Favorites and Save Them

By adding them to your favorites, you can access your preferred residences or structures whenever you want. We'll put everything in one convenient location for you!

Call Advertising at (212) 755-5544 for additional information about how CityRealty can help you promote your properties.
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