What is fxvm? Review

 What is fxvm?

FXVM is a Forex VPS provider with a 2013 founding date and approximately 10 years of industry expertise. With the goal of assisting traders in achieving high uptime with low latency and getting the most out of their internet use, hosting companies provide platforms like MT4.

For traders that use EAs, bots, and algorithms, or who simply want a stronger connection to the markets, they provide specific Forex VPS packages that are ideal. FXV, which has servers all over the world, distinguishes itself from other forex VPS providers with a number of essential features.

What is fxvm Review
What is fxvm Review

Forex VPS Features of FXVM

One of the top providers of forex virtual private servers on the market is FXVM, which provides a variety of benefits and features. It is obvious why the business is so well ranked and respected within the industry because they outperform many competitors in many aspects. Let's examine a few of the features.

Different VPS Connections

With only one server, optimal connectivity is simply not achievable. Equinix, Global Switch, and Internap are three reliable, high-quality providers with whom FXVM has servers located all over the world. Servers in London, New York, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo are used by all FXVM VPS packages.

For traders seeking low latency, this is essential, and if the top forex VPS providers did not have numerous data servers located all over the world, I really wouldn't even consider using them.

Absolute Uptime Promise

A reliable uptime % is necessary in order to trade effectively over the best internet possible. FXVM's 100% uptime guarantee makes it clear why you should select them as your VPS provider. Traders can feel assured when using FXVM because they won't have to worry about technical difficulties or slow internet.

Various Trading Platforms

With all of the packages offered by FXVM, traders can utilize this VPS with confidence knowing that their needs will be met regardless of the trading platform they choose. We have firsthand experience with how irritating it is when a company doesn't make an effort to allow traders to work in a way that suits their preferences and maximizes their productivity. This applies to any platforms that may run on a Windows OS, such as MetaTrader, cTrader, and others.

Little latency

If the VPS service couldn't guarantee minimal latency, was it even worth reviewing? Low latency makes for incredibly quick order execution and eliminates the need to worry about delays, which is crucial for traders using smaller time frames like HFT.

Fast execution due to low latency results in higher pip gains per trade. Not only does FXVM have low latency, but before you sign up, you can view the latency at the leading forex brokers in the globe.

Excellent Assistance

Knowing you can instantly contact the team should something go wrong while using their VPS is always a plus. FXVM appears to have an extremely good, dependable customer support team that offers a variety of contact options so you may reach them regardless of the method you use. 

This is demonstrated by the thousands of traders who praise the support staff on Trustpilot for their dedication and speedy problem-solving.

What Plans and Prices Are There?

Forex VPS Plan fxvm
Forex VPS Plan fxvm
It's great that FXVM offers a variety of VPS plans since it allows traders who want to spend different amounts of money or who want different levels of VPS plans to be catered to and allows them to upgrade as necessary. 

We've gone into more detail about what each of the plans can provide you with below.

Lite VPS

The Lite VPS is their entry-level package and costs £14 per month. It includes a single CPU core, 1.5GB of RAM, and 40GB of storage as standard.

Basic VPS

This plan, which costs £21 per month, is the next tier from the Lite VPS plan. It can run three to four terminals simultaneously and is a little more sophisticated than the least expensive option. It features two CPU cores, two gigabytes of RAM, and sixty gigabytes of storage.

Advanced VPS

The Advanced VPS plan, which costs £36 per month, is slightly more expensive but is better suited to customers who require a slightly more sophisticated VPS server. It can support up to 4-6 terminals and has 4GB of RAM and 70GB of storage.

Dedicated Server

For individuals that require more in their plan, the fourth and final option is ideal. At £145 per month, it is the most costly. 

With a massive 120GB storage capacity and 16/32GB of RAM, this level of plan can host 32 servers simultaneously. Compared to the other plans, it takes the longest to set up (between 24 and 72 hours), but considering the intricacy of the plan, this is logical.

It's not completely free, but it's near enough. A week's worth of VPS service from FXVM costs just £0.99! This is incredibly affordable and gives you the chance to test out one of their VPSs to see whether it would be useful for you. 

If not, you terminate and lose only £1, however most traders do seem to continue with the service beyond their trial time, based on internet evaluations.

Personally, I think the concept of "try before you buy" is fantastic, therefore I'm delighted FXVM provides it. I don't think any other forex VPS provider is currently offering this to traders.


A trader could prefer to use a VPS over operating their business only from a local computer for a variety of reasons. There are two primary reasons:

a. Run MT4 in several instances

To manage numerous MT4 accounts simultaneously, traders use a forex virtual private server the most frequently. If you're unsure about how to accomplish this,

This enables traders to use a forex trade copier to trade on numerous accounts at once. Trade copiers automate the procedure so that your trades are simultaneously copied automatically across several brokers. 

This is why it's so popular because it can, of course, significantly lower risk and enhance earnings.

b. Better market circumstances

Your advantage over the market is quite slight when trading currencies. Execution speed can be crucial in situations when you have a very small edge since every single pip counts. 

If you open a transaction after 30 seconds have passed, the price may have changed so much that, when added to your spread, you may already be 6 pip worse off. 

Although 30 seconds is a bit of an exaggeration, having access to the quickest and most trustworthy market circumstances is crucial for shorter time frame traders.

Customer service that is trustworthy is crucial. It's comforting to know that you can simply contact the business if something goes wrong with your VPS. FXVM offers help to its consumers through a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Even better-and in our opinion a major plus is their live chat service, which is available 24/7. It's important to note that they also provide a Knowledge Base and a FAQ section, both of which are excellent resources for traders wishing to learn more about VPS or who have specific queries concerning FXVM's unique service.

I can now attest to the value of having a helpful and educated customer support team when operating in the financial markets. Having this assistance is essential since even a little period of downtime on your server can result in significant financial losses and missed opportunities.

What Are Other Traders Saying About FXVM?

Trustpilot fxvm
fxvm Trustpilot rating
In order to determine whether this is a service you want to use, it's critical to consider other traders' experiences while evaluating VPS services or really any services. You'll understand how crucial this is if you've read any of our assessments of prop companies.

It's fantastic to note that the VPS service has an overall Trustpilot rating of "Excellent," as it indicates that other traders have had similarly excellent experiences. It has received accolades in particular for its simple, easy-to-use service that offers a very steady VPS and allays traders' initial concerns regarding uptime and low latency.
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